DHP-310AV: PowerLine AV500 Wireless N Extender

Sometimes one router just can't do it all... Especially when you have a double story house. But instead of having to run physical cables to your bedroom (which the Mrs won't appreciate), we have an alternative solution for you. If the two rooms you are trying to connect have plugs that are on the same circuit you're in luck and a pair of PowerLine adapters will do the hard work for you by sending internet from your router straight to the receiver in your bedroom.

Internet Over Electrical Wiring

Wireless N300 extender connected through your home's electrical wiring.

No need for cables

Easy hassle free setup. No external cables or installation required.

Blends Into Your Home

Small size means adapters are less obstructive & blends in anywhere.


  • VERY IMPORTANT: Minimum of 2 units required to work
  • Internet to each room: Plug in 2 adapters into plugs on the same circuit
  • Speed: Powerline speeds up to 200 Mbps & Wireless speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Security: WPA/WPA2 encryption to secure your wireless traffic
  • One-Touch Setup: Hassle-free setup with Simple Connect button
  • LAN Port: 1 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN port